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About Webmail

About Webmail – The term Webmail (or Web-based email) is used to describe two things.

One use of the word is to describe a Webmail client: an email client implemented as a web application accessed via a web browser.

The other use of the word is to describe a Web-based email service: an email service offered through a web site (a webmail provider) such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail and AOL Mail.

Practically every webmail provider offers email access using a webmail client, and many of them also offer email access by a desktop email client using standard email protocols,

while many internet service providers provide a webmail client as part of the email service included in their internet service package.

As with any web application, webmail’s main advantage over the use of a desktop email client is the ability to send and receive email anywhere from a web browser.

Its main disadvantage is the need to be connected to the internet while using it (Gmail offers offline use of its webmail client through the installation of Gears.

Our Webmail
We offer a webmail service by means of RoundCube Webmail, an open source PHP based application, multi-language compatible (including Portuguese from Portugal, of course).

After you click the link «Webmail» on the above menu, you will be redirected to our webmail panel with a simple form to be filled in:

As you can see on the above picture, your username is your e-mail address. When inside, you may configure your panel at your taste.

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