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Whois – This is a PHP application to let you find the owner and technical responsible of any web IDNA domain name as defined in RFC3490, RFC3491, RFC3492 and RFC3454.

It also supports IP/AS whois queries which are very useful to trace SPAM. You just only need to pass the dotted quad IP address or the AS, Autonomous System (Internet) handle instead of the domain name. Limited, non-recursive support for Referral Whois (RFC 1714/2167) is also provided.


Here below you will find a form field which you should use as follows:

  1. write in the form field the domain name you want to find information about:
    • you may use a hostname, like google.com. Do not use http://, ftp:// or any other URL scheme name (WWW protocol). Some domains require the use of prefix “www.”, other not.
    • you may use an IP address (IPv4 format), like
    • or you may use an AS number, like AS45566
  2. Click the button «search»
  3. Wait a couple of seconds for query to be processed and then you will be able to read all available information for the domain you wish to run a query about.

Don Morgan

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